UCAT DM Quiz-1.1

UCAT DM Quiz-1

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UCAT Decision Making


Employees are promoted on the strength of their performance. A company rates all its employees between 1 and 4 for their bonus allocation. 1 is the highest, 4 is the lowest. Employees are only eligible for the promotion after three years of service in the same position. All employees, and those eligible for promotion, must get a rating of 1 or 2 for a bonus payment.

Ucat DM-1

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Not all the people present at the literature festival were poets but all the poets at the literature festival were authors and some poets were not writers.

Ucat DM-2

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In this forest, not all deciduous tress are objects of admiration. However, all deciduous trees in this forest are 20 feet tall except for potentilla and Daphne.

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All the people who live in the house, except for Jim, like tea. More than one person in the house like coffee.

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The lack of a list of to-do items and the inability to schedule important jobs, most likely, the reason why disorganized people often find themselves unable to fend off the temptation to postpone tasks for a later time. The fear of failure is another reason that leads to avoidance and delay in performing tasks to an extent that the time period to perform lapses and the procrastinator feels the ease of not having to deal with it anymore. Mounting tasks makes them increasingly resigned to failure as they begin as they begin questioning their own ability to do things.

Ucat DM-12

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Ucat DM-13A

Brewed coffee contains caffeine, volatile substances, and organic acids. Volatile substances lend a distinct aromatic flavour to coffee. Organic acids lend a bitter taste to coffee. The graph shows the relationship between the extraction time and the amount extracted for the three components.

Ucat DM-13B

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Ucat DM-14A

A company produces two types of machines, machine A and Machine B. A single unit of Machine A can be produced in 100 hours and a single unit of Machine B can be produced in 25 hours. The table shows certain combinations of the number of units of each machine that the company can produce during a month utilizing all the available labour. The only limiting factor in this production process is the labour (in hours) available to the company.

Ucat DM-14B

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The increasingly contrasting argument over the safety and need of genetically modified crops shows no signs of receding. Advocates hold them to be safer since they are produced using fewer pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. In the developing world, grappling with the grave problem of malnutrition, genetically modified crops can have vitamins and minerals added to them to provide greater nutritive benefit to people who rely on a single staple food. The proponents its potential to augment agricultural production and address risks associated with climatic fluctuations. Critics, however, claim that its benefits far than compensate for its ills.

Ucat DM-15

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Unlike a company’s ongoing operations, that are aimed at managing ongoing repetitive processes, a project is directed towards a particular outcome, with a beginning and a clear end. This does not, mean that a projects’s duration is short. In more recent times, managers, other than performing routine work, often find themselves managing both the process and services aspects of a project. Though a distinct set of silks is required for each role, a, manager donning two hats definitely needs to learn to multitask.

Ucat DM-16

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