UCAT DM Test-2

UCAT DM Test-2


UCAT Decision Making


In a family, there are 7 children, 4 girls and 3 boys. David is the youngest (7 years) and Shanon is the eldest (18 years). Chris is the 2nd child and is 2 years younger than the eldest. Amy is the 6th child and is 2 years older than the youngest. The 4th and 5th child, Paul and Jane respectively, are twins and were born 1 years earlier than Amy. The 3rd child, Rachel, is exactly in the middle between the 2nd and the 4th.

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Should cigarettes be banned to try and reduce the populations health risks?

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You are approached by a conman on the street. He has a six-sided dice and a deck of 52 cards. He says “If you can roll a 6 with the dice, and then remove a club, followed by another club, I will give you £20. However, if I can roll two 3’s in a row, and draw one heart, you have to give me £20”

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Should our emphasis be on assisting the recovery of drug addicts rather than criminalizing them?


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A trial was undertaken looking at the side effect profile of the drug A. The following data shows the number of patients who suffered from side effects whilst taking drug A.

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Rupert is one of 6 grandsons and 3 granddaughters.

Chloe is the only child of Rupert’s uncle.

Rupert has two female cousins and 2 male cousins.

Rupert’s father has one brother and one sister.

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Chris, Rupert, Josh, Kirstie and Lizzie are contestants on a gameshow. There are 5 doors with different prizes behind each door. The different prizes are a laptop, cash prize, TV, holiday and a car. They each get to pick a door and then win the prize behind that door.

None of the boys win the car.

Rupert and Josh were upset to not pick the TV.


Kirstie was very pleased to win a holiday to Tenerife.

Chris and Rupert did not win the money.

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A manufacturing company produces flat pack furniture. There are 4 options for cupboards that are available; these are the Glenndor, the Fabresco, the Nasrine, and the Bonke. They come pre-packaged and include the instructions and the material required to make the cupboard. Below is a diagram showing the amount of material required for each cupboard.

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A survey of 100 students at a secondary school asked them which science subjects out of Chemistry, Biology and Physics they studied for A-Level. 62 students studied at least one science subject. 4 students studied all three science subjects. 25 students studied Physics of which 12 also studied Chemistry. 30 students studied Biology.

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Should households be charged if they discard recyclable waste for landfill instead of recycling it?

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9 of the residents of Stone Island fish for cod, of whom 3 also grow turnips. Of the 3 who also grow turnips, 1 also farms sheep.

15 residents farm sheep in total, of whom 6 fish for cod

3 people keep chickens, all of whom also grow turnips.

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A junior doctor has to make a presentation about the benefits and harms to patients regarding open surgery compared to laparoscopic surgery for the removal an inflamed appendicitis. He presents it to a group of colleagues and consultants during his lunch time. He will be assessed by the consultants based on the strength of his arguments.

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An activity for primary school children involves 5 bags, 2 red and 3 blue. The bags are identical except for the colour. Each bag contains 10 plastic cubes. The red bags contain 5 white cubes and 5 black cubes. The blue bags contain 3 white cubes, 2 black cubes, and the remaining are transparent plastic glass cubes.

The activity involves the one student throwing a six-sided dice (numbered 1 – 6), and if an odd number shows up, the student will get to pick a cube from any red bag. If an even number shows up, the student will get to pick a cube from any blue bag. The bags are opaque, all the cubes feel the same to touch and any pick from the bags will therefore be a random blind pick.

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In an interdisciplinary workshop on critical care reform at the Ministry of Health in a country, the following question was put forward, ‘’Should there be an upper age limit on admission to the intensive care unit of hospitals in the country in order to avoid unnecessary admission of very old people who are unlikely to benefit from management in an intensive care setting?’’

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Irvin earns more than Richard, and Richard earns more than Paul.

Harry earns less than Irvin and Richard but more than Paul.

Ben earns the least among them all.

Tom and Dan earn the same, but earn less than Paul.

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A number of people were asked to rate which of 5 different coloured cars they liked the most.

The green, blue, yellow, red and purple cars were allocated letters A, B, C, D and E in no particular order.

4 people said they preferred the green and red cars.

6 people said they preferred the red and yellow cars.

3 people said they preferred the green and purple cars.

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A couple have eight children whom have a variety of green, blue and brown eyes. The same number of children who have green eyes have blue eyes, and the remaining have brown eyes. All of those with brown eyes have brown hair. All of those with green eyes have blonde hair. ¾ of them have blonde hair.

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John is playing a game. To win, he must roll a total of 10 points or more using three 6-sided dice. He rolls a 5 on one of the dice.

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3, 18, 5, 16, 8, 13, 12, 9, ?, ?

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Four siblings are helping their mother cook a meal together in the kitchen. Jack, Danny, Alison and Mark all have something they dislike doing: peeling potatoes, cutting onions, kneading bread and stirring the broth. When asked to their task, each sibling has a different reaction. One sighs, one whines, one laughs, and one leaves.

Jack laughed at his chore.

Danny hates cutting onions and Alison hates peeling potatoes.

The sibling that sighs does not mind cutting onions.

The sibling that dislikes stirring the broth is the one that leaves.

The sibling that doesn't like cutting onions always whines.

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