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UCAT DM Test-1


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Of the 110 wildlife parks in the United Kingdom, 14 had only chimpanzees, 23 had only elephants, 18 had only giraffes, 9 had only chimpanzees and elephants, 15 had only elephants and giraffes, 8 had all three of these animals, and 12 had none of these animals.

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The layout below has been proposed as a plan for a new theme park. Each region of the theme park is indicated by a unique shape and is reserved for the following purposes: thrill rides, family rides, restaurants, hygiene facilities, and shops.

The shops and the family rides are at diagonally opposite corners of the theme park.

The triangle was not allocated for the hygiene facilities.

The thrill rides are closest to the shops but are almost equidistant to the hygiene facilities and the family rides.

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The diagram shows the favourite fruits of a community of chimpanzees.

The hexagon represents apples.
The triangle represents bananas.
The rectangle represents the male chimpanzees.
The trapezium represents blueberries.
The parallelogram represents oranges.

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The government should pay for everyone to be taught CPR at schools because it will help save lives.

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A dance team is formed with 43 students from five schools: D, E, F, G, and H.

There are 17 students from school F. School D has eight fewer students than F, but an equal number of students as H. Schools E and G have an equal number of students.

The team has one less boy than the girls. School F has eight girls, which is twice the number of girls from school H, and four times the number of girls from school G. Schools D, E and H has an equal number of girls.

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The teams in a netball tournament have come from five different cities: Birmingham, Carlisle, Edinburgh, Oxford, and Newcastle. Each team wore dresses and trainers of different colours out of the following: white, black, green, purple, and red. No two teams wore matching dresses and trainers of the same colour.


The Oxford team wore red dresses. Their trainers were neither white nor purple.


The Edinburgh team wore purple dresses, and their trainers were not red.


The Carlisle team wore green trainers. Their dresses were the same colour as the Oxford team's trainers.


The Birmingham team did not wear green dresses or purple trainers.

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All of Jamie's books are novels. Some of Dave's books are non-fiction, but none of his books are biographies. Book A is either Jamie's or Dave's.

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All teenagers who like comics also like movies. All of the teenagers at the arcade are from Scotland. None of the teenagers at the arcade like books. Some of the teenagers at the arcade like comics. All of the teenagers at the arcade like shopping.

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Eight friends are competing in a hurdles race.


Bill wins the race.


James finished behind Sally.


Simon was close behind Bill.


Sid and Robin did not beat Cara, but they did beat Tim.


Sally finished behind Tim.

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Jeremy drinks more water than Sadie, who drinks more water than Shona.

Cameron, Abbie and Sasha drink a similar amount of water but always drink more than Jeremy.

Peter drinks the greatest amount of water and Drake drinks more water than Abbie.

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There are five children in a family: Ben, Harry, Josh, Emily and Meghan. Emily is older than Ben and Meghan is twice the age of Emily. Josh is older than two of his siblings.

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Of the 200 zoos in a country, 100 had tigers, 80 had lions, 63 had cheetahs, 40 had only tigers and lions, 23 had only lions and cheetahs, 15 had only cheetahs and tigers and 15 had all three.

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Which of the following statements is true?

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An owner of a shampoo product carried out 2 opinion polls on two different groups of people, A and B, to determine how likely they were to recommend the product to a friend.

Of the 90 people in group A; 36 said they would recommend the product to a friend, 20 said that they would not recommend the product to a friend and the rest of the group declined to answer.

In group B, 38% said they would not recommend the product to a friend and 24% declined to answer.

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Sarah is playing a game with two fair six sided dice. Each turn she can choose between two options.

Option 1: Roll the dice and if you roll the same number on both dice you win

Option 2: Roll the dice and if they are both even then you win

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A holiday resort collects information on which of the three activities offered (Sailing, Rock climbing and Mountain biking) it's guests take part in over the course of a month. The following statements are found to be true:

1/5 of guests do all three activities offered by the resort.


Twice as many guests go rock climbing compared to mountain biking.
4 guests just go mountain biking.


Which of the following diagrams could represent this information?

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