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Five tourists from different countries; China, Germany, France and America, wore shirts and hats of different colours: blue, green, brown, yellow and red.

No two tourists wore hats and shirts of the same colour.

The French tourist wore a green shirt. Her hat was neither red nor blue.

The American tourist wore a red shirt.

The Italian tourist wore a brown hat. The colour of her shirt was the same as the colour of the French tourist’s hat.

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Brad, Keith, Norman and Sandy were each given one of the following responsibilities to complete: data entry; listing tasks; validation tasks; and exit criteria. The time taken for each of there activities was 5, 7, 11 and 16 hours (not in any order)

Keith worked either on listening tacks or validation.

Sandy and Norman together took one hour more than brad to complete their work.

Validation tasks was the activity that took highest amount of time.

Norman took more time than sandy to complete her task and he worked on data entry.

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Kane, Nancy, Nicole, and Sandra went on holiday. Each participated in one of the following beach activities: jet skiing, scuba diving, sea walk or snorkeling. The rates for these activities were $30, $40, $50, and $75(not in any order).

Kane did not spend the highest amount on this activity, but he spent $10 more than Nicole.

Nancy did not participate in jet skiing but her activity cost less than Sandra’s activity.

Nicole opted for snorkeling; Kane did not select sea walk s his beach activity.

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Should the legal voting age be reduced to 16 to overcome the issue of poor voter turn-out?

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Should society, rather than family members, be ultimately responsible for the older people when they are no longer mentally or physically able to care for themselves?

Select the strongest argument from the statements below.

A) Yes, Where families are able to help and support the elderly they should  but, if not, society should have responsibility to act to ensure they are well cares for.

B) Yes, Mentally ill patients are often too difficult for an untrained family member to support, regardless of how much they would like do so.

C) No, If society ceased such involvement, it would mean families had to stick together to care for their relatives-young as well as old-themselves.

D) No, Everyone has a life to live- the elderly should not expect society or relatives to care for them, they should save up and themselves pay for care they need later in life.

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In order to improve children’s health should ‘fast food’ shops be banned from selling junk food to children at lunchtime during school terms?

Select the strongest argument from the statements below.

A)    Yes.  Junk food is a major cause of obesity and poor health in children and may reduce their ability to benefit from education in the afternoon.

B)    Yes.   Children who leave school to visit junk food shops at lunchtime will be unsupervised and are likely to be a nuisance in the neighborhood.

C)     No.    This will reduce the number of customers ‘fast food’ shops have and may very put the owners out of business increasing unemployment.

D)     No.  Lunchtimes are too short and if children cannot get home for lunch it is important that there is somewhere they can go for cheap food.

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A designer jewellery showroom has jewellery made up of gold, diamond, silver, pearl and platinum. Each piece was crafted to include one or more of materials.

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There are two real estate companies, Company X and Company Y, that have their projects inside and outside the United Kingdom.

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A school timetable is being prepared for 50 students, 20 students are taking Geography, 20 students are taking history and 12 are going to take Art. 10 are going to take Geography and History, and of these 5 want to take Art as well.

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The 27 people in a club are either adults or children.

There are 3 more males than females.

12 of the 16 adults are male.

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Alice is a science consult. She went to China to run a training session I English for Chinese science teachers about communication in science.

Alice found that nine out of every ten teachers she met there were keen to speak English.

Alice wrote a report stating that 90% of Chinese science teachers were keen English.

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Harry can buy the summer season’s pass to an outdoor pool or an indoor pool.

The outdoor pool remains closed when it rains.

Past meteorological records indicate that there is a 0.3 chance that it will not rain in summer.

The likelihood of the pool remaining closed for maintenance is three eighteenths for the outdoor pool and one sixth for the indoor pool

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David, Henry, John and Shaun were born in the same year.

Their birthdays are in February, may August and November (not in order) and Bakery A has made them Kiwi, chocolate, pineapple and strawberry birthday cakes(not in order).

Shaun was born before David, Henry was not born in either August or November.

Henry did not eat the kiwi-flavored  cake that was served at this best friend’s birthday.

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Which of the following statements is true?

A) Amongst the companies that have a capital of less than or equal to $200,000, 35% of the companies have more than two subsidiaries.

B) Amongst the companies that have a capital of more than $200,000, the number of  companies that sell standardised  products is equal to the number of companies that sell differentiated products.

C) Amongst the companies that have two or less subsidiaries, none of the companies that sell standardised products have a capital of more than $200,000.

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