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All tourists who like fishing also like sailing. All the tourists at the resort were Europeans. No tourist at the resort liked trekking. A few tourists at the resort liked fishing. All the tourists at the resort liked photography.

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1a) 1b) 1c) 1d) 1e)

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It is a useful and trendy product but as far as the quality is concerned, it is a substandard product because it is made in a factory that uses cheap raw materials.

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2a) 2b) 2c) 2d) 2e)

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None who embrace the downtrodden are guilty of following dogmas. Few who are guilty of following dogmas are truly spiritual.

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3a) 3b) 3c) 3d) 3e)

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In a class of ten pupils, the average number of detentions per pupil in the spring term is 4.4. four pupils get four detentions each, two pupils get two detentions each and one pupil is given just one detention. Out of the remaining three pupils, Marie gets two more detentions than Charlie but one fewer than Robert.

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A company makes repairs to electrical wiring, fresh water pipes, fibre optic cables and sewage pipes. These repairs are made in blocks A, B, C or D (not in any order) and each of these blocks is situated in either the North, south, East or West region.

The electrical wiring problem is neither in Block A nor in the western region.

The sewage pipe problem is in Block B and the fibre optic cable repair work is scheduled in the southern region.

Block C is present in the eastern region while Block A is not present in the southern region.

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Should breaching copyrights or patents (such as copying a video or a medicine) be a civil offence for which compensation must be paid rather than a criminal offence leading to a fine or prison sentence?

Select the strongest argument from the statements below.

A)   Yes, most breaches are harmless and no-one is hurt so it would be excessive received a criminal record.

B)    Yes, failing to pay fees to a copyright or patent holder whose work has been incorporated into a product without permission is undesirable, but not as a criminal offence.

C)    No, making or selling imitation products based on patented design without permission is theft which is crime, it deceives purchasers and the patent holder of income

D)    No, making imitation products is criminal because the purchaser is not getting the goods expected.


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    In order to understand the character and lifestyles of the people of a civilization, geography of the region cannot be overlooked; it is hardly possible to understand history without this constant companion. Many of the earliest civilizations sprang up along river systems and farming practices being timed and tailored around the fluctuating water levels is will documented. The accessibility of a region, especially by sea, triggers economic and social development as it facilitates the movement of industrial goods and services, making them more competitive in worlds markets. The economic success resource-rich regions further reinforces this correlation.

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8a) 8b) 8c) 8d) 8e)

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Should there be laws in place to prevent social networks from allowing under the age 0f 13 signing up?

Select the strongest argument from the statements below.

A)    Yes, signing up for social media websites exposes children to the dangers of the internet.

B)    Yes, social media companies should be held to account for the activity of their users and legalisation concerning lower age limits enables this accountability.

C)    No, children are best safeguarded by schools educating children on the dangers of the internet.

D)   No, age-limitation the use of social media does not help children in the long-term, responsible adults must educate children and make decisions that are right for each child.  



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10a) 10b) 10c) 10d) 10e)

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No water in any tropical ocean is biologically diverse as in this region. As a local response of the ocean to the surface wind, the warmer nutrient depleted surface water is replaced by the dense upwelling water the rises up to take its place. The speculation about the association of the cooler waters to the enhanced growth of phytoplankton gained ground, when the chemical analysis of the water from the western coast of the region confirmed high concentration of dissolved gases along with nutrients like nitrates, phosphates and silicates.

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11a) 11b) 11c) 11d) 11e)

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Of the 150 aquariums across a US state, 60 had yellow crabs, 43 had white dolphins, 81 had starfish, 20 had only starfish and white dolphins, 12 had only white dolphins and yellow crabs, 9 had only starfish and yellow crabs and 7 had all three.

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Which of the following statements is true?

A)   At least 75% of the schools that offer consultation and training for the staff. Do not allow community access to school facilities.

B)   Some schools that offer childcare for children under four years old offer both counselling and consultation and training for staff.

C)   Amongst all schools that offer counselling support, 40% of the schools allow community access to at least one of the school facilities.

D)   The number of schools that neither offer counselling  or consultation and training for staff, is equal to the number of schools that offer childcare to children four years old and younger.

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A company conducted a survey at two of its business centres-  Centre A and Centre B – to find out which centre had more employees who were active on social media.

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