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UCAT Decision Making


All the students from high School received a grade ‘A’ in Science. No student in high School received a grade ‘B’ in History. Senior School admits students only if the student has a grade ‘A’ in History.

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1a) 1b) 1c) 1d) 1e)

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Either Annie or Kate won the students election. All the students except for Kate are graduates. Some graduates are intelligent. No student from City X won the students election.

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2a) 2b) 2c) 2d) 2e)

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All aspects of a business are either manageable or unmanageable. None of the unmanageable aspects of the business are related to finance or technology. Employee satisfaction is a manageable aspect of the business.

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3a) 3b) 3c) 3d) 3e)

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Three male media studies students; Daniel, harry, William and one female media student, Susan, were each given the same assignment; to direct one movie about one plant. The movies were called A, B, C and D. the plants in order of size (largest to smallest) were Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, and Mars.

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The layout below was proposed for developing a smart city. Each sector has a unique shape and reserved for the following purposes: airport, commercial space, educational area, hospital; and residential plots.

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Would society be safer if urban areas had designated dog-walking areas where pets could be exercised without danger to people?

Select the strongest argument from the statements below.

A)    Yes, it is better for dogs that live in towns to be exercised in separate areas where they cannot frighten people and leave waste that can be harmful to children

B)    Yes, it is important that dogs are properly exercised and ideally they should be allowed to be free to run off the lead without restriction.

C)    No, it is the responsibility of dog-owners and not local councils to find somewhere to exercise dogs safely away from people and dangerous traffic.

D)    No, towns and built-up areas are already overcrowded and any undeveloped land should be used to provide new houses rather than playgrounds for pets.

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To help low-paid workers, should a maximum wage be established so that the highest-paid workers in an organization may be paid no more than ten times what the lowest-paid receive?

Select the strongest argument from the statements below.

A)   Yes, because a maximum wage would effectively mean a pay cut for the highest-paid if their pay was limited to no more than ten times the income of the lower paid in the organization.

B)   Yes, because a maximum wage for the highest-paid would enable an organization to manage costs, payrises for senior staff would also have a knock-on effect; increasing wages for low-paid workers.

C)   No, a maximum wage would remove incentives for the highest paid to make the organization grow and succeed, and do nothing to help the low-paid; the ceiling should be fifty times the lowest paid not ten times.

D)   No, a maximum wage would damage the organization because it would mean there was no relationship between pay and levels of productivity in the workforce, workers currently earn as much as their performance justifies.

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A radio interview was broadcast yesterday involving a person who made anonymous allegations about a sports who had banned substances over a period of time to enhance their performance in competitions. A television news channel requested an interview but the person making the allegations refused. After making these allegations, some members of the public took to social media to denounce the claims as false and to condemn the whistleblower; public opinion appeared to be in favour of the sports person. An investigation has been set up by the relevant sports authority to investigate the claims.

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For a business, where a time lag of a few milliseconds is not critical to its operations, a cloud can open up new possibilities. Beneficial for an average enterprise, cloud platforms do not require capital expenses-like investments in servers and software-but only operational expenses. Companies that use the cloud resolve recovery issues nearly four times faster than other companies. Companies that do not use the cloud spend an alarming eight hours, on an average, recovering from data disasters. Having the institutional bias of doing everything internally may prevent a large scale company from taking advantage of the cloud.

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A football coach plans to replace a player of this team in the second half of a match. If Player A is replaced, there will be 80% chance of the coach’s team scoring a goal and 70% chance of the opponent team scoring a goal. If Player B is replaced, there will be 20% chance of the coach’s team not scoring a goal and 50% chance of the opponent team not scoring a goal.

Considering only the likelihood of the coach’s team scoring a goal and the opponent team not scoring a goal, is Player A     the better replacement choice?

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